Jacques Penry et al.

CONSTRAINT : 10017 faces.

INVENTION : Identikit portrait (also called a Photo-Fit) that can resemble any person living or dead or forthcoming or possible. The face is divided into 7 sections which the client fills in by choosing from among 1001 possibilities.

WORKS : in police stations and on computer, sometimes published in newspapers when the portrait resembles a notorious contempory whose whereabouts the public at large are invited to ascertain on behalf of the police, and for the singular effect produced on the runaway when he sees a ϕ of himself, which he never posed for, mirrored on every front page, and imagined in everybody’s eye. The OUPHOPO is working on a Photo-Fit book to be called 1014 faces, which will offer 10 alternatives to 14 parts of the face. Each part will express an emotion consonant with one of the lines of Queneau’s Cent mille milliards de poèmes.