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L’OUPHOPO 37  : "Rock Photography. Cover Art from The Beatles to Post-Punk" (hiver 2011-2012) 96p.

Paul Edwards, "Introduction. Rock Photography, Cover Art and Sfumato" ; "Photographically Illustrated Lyrics in Post-Punk Luxury Editions" ; David Cocksey, "'Adaptable' : Alice Cooper's Adventures with Post-Punk" ; David Nowell-Smith, "Dead Kennedys and Photojournalism" ; Sarah Pickard, "The Beatles : Followers of Fashion or Pioneers of British Youth Culture ?", Miles Alglave and Robin Benzrihem, "Distortion, Ego-Loss and Rebirth : The Evolution of the Beatles' Image and Identity in the Psyschedelic Era (1965-1967)" ; Catherine Marcangeli and Steve Shepherd, "'Places I Remember' : Nostalgia as Reluctant Autobiography" ; "Barry Miles in Conversation with Catherine Marcangeli" ; Dominique Petitfaux, "The Beatles Experience".

Abstract ; Résumé




Réf. E78. Rock Photography. 200 ex. (tirage numérique, format A4). ISBN 978-2-9540241-1-0. Numéro entièrement rédigé en langue anglaise. 21€